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The Board of Directors has plenary power to manage and supervise the business and operations of Veresen Inc. and has the duty to act in the best interests of Veresen Inc. and its Shareholders. In respect of its duties and responsibilities to the Corporation, the Board of Directors acts in accordance with Business Corporations Act (Alberta), Veresen’s articles of incorporation and by-laws, the terms of reference of each of the committees of the Board of Directors and applicable laws.

The Board of Directors approves all significant decisions that affect Veresen before such decisions are implemented. The Board of Directors also supervises the implementation of such decisions and monitors the results.

The Board of Directors is responsible for:

  • adopting a strategic planning process for Veresen;
  • identifying and understanding the principal risks of Veresen’s business and overseeing management’s implementation of systems to manage those risks;
  • appointing senior management of Veresen, including the CEO;
  • for monitoring and assessing the performance of senior management and management succession planning;
  • ensuring that management maintains an effective communication program that provides for timely communication by Veresen with its shareholders; and
  • implementing and maintaining appropriate internal controls and information systems for Veresen.

Terms of Reference

Position Description

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