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Grand Valley 3

Project Studies

A Project Modification Report was provided to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change in July, 2014, with an assessment of the following Project changes:

1. Removal of turbine T107
2. Movement of the access road for turbine T112
3. Movement of the access road, underground cable, and construction area for turbine T110
4. Increase in size of construction area for the transformer station

The REA Reports were not updated to reflect these changes, as all relevant information is provided in the Modification Document, below.

Project Modification Document

The revised layout for the project is shown on the maps below:

Study Area and Project Location

The Renewable Energy Approval for the Project was awarded by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change on October 15, 2014 (Reference No. 6457-9L6QLC). Please see below for the final reports approved as part of the application.


Renewable Energy Approval Documentation

Project Notices and Additional Postings

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