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St. Columban Wind Project

The St. Columban Wind Project (the Project) will be located in the Municipality of Huron East, Municipality of Morris-Turnberry, and Township of Howick, County of Huron. Click here for figure showing the Project Layout. The basic components of the Project include: 15 Siemens 2.3-113 wind turbine generators with a maximum installed nameplate capacity of 33 megawatt (MW); a 34.5 kV underground power line collector system; a 27.6 kV underground power line collector system; fibre optic cabling; turbine access roads;  crane pads; two connection points to the existing electrical system; two unserviced electrical control buildings; an existing operations and maintenance building; a 34.5kV underground electrical interconnection line; and a 44 kV/34.5 kV 15/20 MVA transformer station. The Project has received a Renewable Energy Approval (REA) issued in accordance with Section 47.4 of the Environmental Protection Act. Contact: Phone: 1-844-337-3736 Email: stcolumbanwind@vereseninc.com

Renewable Energy Approval
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