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Alberta Ethane Gathering System (AEGS)

Our wholly-owned Alberta Ethane Gathering System (AEGS) is the exclusive long-distance transporter of pure or “specification” ethane in Alberta. It links Alberta’s world-scale petrochemical industry with the province’s major natural gas liquids extraction facilities.

AEGS is the only pipeline system that transports specification ethane to Alberta’s petrochemical complexes at Joffre and Fort Saskatchewan, which are among the largest petrochemical plants in the world.

AEGS is comprised of three interconnected pipeline legs that span the southern and central portions of Alberta. It is 1,324 km in length and has an aggregate design capacity exceeding 320,000 bbl/d.

AEGS delivers substantively all of the ethane feedstock requirements for NOVA Chemicals’ petrochemical complex located near Joffre, Alberta, and a large portion of Dow Chemical’s requirements at Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta and Joffre. AEGS also provides connections to a large underground ethane storage facility located near Fort Saskatchewan.

Veresen manages the long-term, ship-or-pay transportation agreements that provide a stable long-lived revenue stream and recovery of all operating costs.

AEGS is currently connected to the primary ethane sources within the province. In the longer term, additional receipts of ethane could be derived from oil sands bitumen upgrading and an Alberta-based ethane extraction facility on Alliance, as well as new gas supply basins.

For general or commercial use information contact:

Bob Moore
Director, Alberta Ethane Gathering System
Phone: (403) 296-0140

Emergency Response

AEGS is contract operated by NOVA Chemicals Corporation. Accordingly, all communications regarding EMERGENCY RESPONSE (24 hours per day) should be directed to NOVA Chemicals Corporation at 1-800-780-6682.

AEGS is under the regulatory jurisdiction of the Alberta Energy Utility Board (“AEUB”) for all operational and environmental approvals.

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