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District Energy

District energy supplies heating, cooling and energy supply options and services to businesses and institutions at the community level. Veresen’s district energy systems offer a cost-competitive, cleaner and greener alternative to heating and cooling buildings currently using in-house boilers and chillers.

Veresen’s district energy system, located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, and London, Ontario, together have approximately 172 megawatts (MW) of thermal capacity. These stable, long-term investments provide reliable operational service and excellent growth opportunities for providing steam and chilled water to new and existing customers.



Ownership Interest

PEI 72 100%
London 100 100%

For general or commercial use information contact:

London District Energy

Sean Russell
Plant Manager
Phone: (519) 432-5066
Email: srussell@vereseninc.com

PEI District Energy System

David Godkin
General Manager
Phone: (902) 629-3960
Email: daveg@peies.ca

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