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Gas Fired

Veresen’s gas-fired portfolio includes simple cycle, combined cycle and natural gas-fired cogeneration plants. We own and/or operate plants in Ontario, California, Colorado, Saskatchewan and Alberta that make innovative use of natural gas and cogeneration and waste by-products, such as waste heat exhaust from nearby pipeline compressor stations.




Ownership Interest

York Energy
To 2032 400 50%
East Windsor To 2029 84 100%
To 2029 19.5 100%

York Energy Centre

The York Energy Centre (YEC) is a natural gas-fired electricity generating facility that provides power during peak demand periods in northern York Region. The YEC was proposed in response to the Ontario Power Authority’s (OPA) 2008 Request for Proposals for northern York Region and was commissioned May 7, 2012.

East Windsor Cogeneration

The East Windsor Cogeneration Centre (EWCC) is a cogeneration facility using modern technology to generate reliable clean power for over 80,000 homes in the Windsor area and steam for Ford’s Windsor operations. The project encompasses approximately 1.5 acres of industrial land, located adjacent to the existing Ford powerhouse and is equipped with modern emission controls that meet all federal and provincial air quality standards.

London Cogeneration Facility

The London cogeneration facility is on a site adjacent to Veresen’s London district energy system facility in London, Ontario. Commercial operations commenced at the facility in late 2008. The London district energy system utilizes all of the London generation facility’s steam output.

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