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Waste Heat

Veresen’s waste heat facilities in Saskatchewan and British Columbia use Energy Recovery Generation (ERG®) technology and waste heat generated by Alliance and Spectra pipeline compressor stations, respectively.

NRGreen, in which we hold a 50% ownership interest, is pursuing commercial development of electrical power generation along the Alliance system, and other industrial facilities. NRGreen is developing waste heat recovery projects at Alliance’s compressor stations that employ innovative technology to generate electricity from heat produced during the operation of Alliance’s natural gas turbines. This heat would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. This method of producing electricity generates no new greenhouse gas or other emissions, and does not use water for operations — it is environmentally responsible energy production.

NRGreen owns and operates four waste heat power generation units located adjacent to compressor units on the Saskatchewan segment of Alliance. Each of these units is capable of producing an average of 5 MW of electricity per hour, enough to power the equivalent of 5,000 homes.

The Whitecourt Recovered Energy Project (WREP) is the first to employ GE’s ORegenTM system. Construction of the WREP began in 2012, with a mid-2013 target in-service date. The WREP will be NRGreen’s first project in Alberta and will add 14 MW of baseload capacity to the Alberta Interconnected Electrical System.

NRGreen continues to evaluate opportunities for the economic deployment of waste heat generation units at other Alliance compressor stations, both in Canada and the United States, as well as other power generation projects not connected to the Alliance system. NRGreen is managed and operated by Alliance. For more information visit: www.nrgreenpower.com

EnPower, which is wholly owned by Veresen, owns two 5 MW Energy Recovery Generation plants located at the Savona and 150 Mile House compressor stations of the Spectra Energy pipeline system in British Columbia.

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