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Please note: Pembina does not take responsibility for the content of this website as information may be out of date or no longer accurate as of October 2, 2017.

Veresen is now part of Pembina!

On October 2, 2017, Pembina and Veresen closed their business combination transaction. This transaction created a leading North American Energy Infrastructure company.

The combined company is known as Pembina Pipeline Corporation. You’re currently viewing Veresen's legacy website, where you’ll find information on the former Veresen Inc.

For current and accurate information on Pembina, which now includes Veresen Inc., please visit pembina.com.

Please note that Pembina Pipeline Corporation does not assume responsibility for the content of this website, as information may be out of date or no longer accurate as of October 2, 2017.

In particular, readers are cautioned that any forward-looking information or statements contained on this website were approved by Veresen's management, are current as of the date of the particular statement, and are subject to change based on certain material assumptions, risks and uncertainties. Pembina undertakes no obligation to update any such statements. Readers should consult the risks set out under "Risk Factors" in Pembina's disclosure documents available at www.sedar.com.


Please refer to the Stock & Dividend Information page on the Pembina site for this information.

Ex-Dividend Date

Record Date

Dividend Payment Date

Amount (C$/share)

27-Jan-17 31-Jan-17 23-Feb-17 0.0833
24-Feb-17 28-Feb-17 23-Mar-17 0.0833
29-Mar-17 31-Mar-17 21-Apr-17 0.0833
26-Apr-17 28-Apr-17 23-May-17 0.0833
29-May-17 31-May-17 23-Jun-17 0.0833
28-Jun-17 30-Jun-17 21-Jul-17 0.0833
21-Jul-17 25-Jul-17 23-Aug-17 0.0833
23-Aug-17 25-Aug-17 22-Sep-17 0.0833
21-Sep-17 25-Sep-17 23-Oct-17 0.0833

Dividend History


Annual Dividend per Share ($Cdn)

2016 $1.00
2015 $1.00
2014 $1.00
2013 $1.00
2012 $1.00
2011 $1.00
2010 $1.00
2009 $1.00
2008 $1.00
2007 $1.00
2006 $0.93
2005 $0.96
2004 $0.83625
2003 $0.75
2002 $0.66
2001 $0.67
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